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Hello everyone !

I know I didn’t post in a while but I had exams and paper deadlines so i was a studyingholic.

It’s the period that everyone is hitting up the gym , and obsessing over their weight loss in order to have the perfect summer body so I’m gonna write my personal experience on it.

One month ago, i decided to registrate at the gym. Since 2012, i always used to do that but because i have a thing in leaving things that I start i always left it in a period of a week.

This time I am taking it serious and I’ m seeing it not only as my summer body routine but also as something i want to do permanently for me. For my confidence, for getting one step closer to adding a healthy living in my everyday routine.

This is not a reasons why you should go to the gym post or reasons why you should get the perfect body but a post about healthy foods that are beneficial for your health.

  1. Chia seeds : it’s the new trend and you can add them everywhere, from salads, to meals, to fruits, oatmeals and smoothies. They contain a massive amount of nutritient with very few calories. They contain, fiber, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, protein, as well as antioxidants and are helpful in weight loss. Be careful and don’t overdo it, one tablespoon daily is the perfect dosage.
  2.  Peanut Butter : Since i was in high school, i was always in love with the famous banana*milk*honey smoothie. Back then, i asked from my mum to buy peanut butter in order to check it and I HATED IT. When i read somewhere a recipe of the banana*milk*honey smoothie that also had peanut butter, I baught it again, many years after the first time i’ve tried it and not only it became an addition in my everyday smoothie, i now got used to it and i can eat it instead of merenda/nutella.
  3. Smoothies  : Admit it! You love smoothies. Everybody does. And if u don’ t then that’s because you haven’t found the perfect recipe for you. Not only you can drink it, you can make a bowl out of it, the smoothie bowl and add nuts, chia seeds, fruits, corn flakes, oats and many more. I am not a fan of eating fruits, like many people out there and making fruits dessertish is perfect for getting the amount of vitamins that i wouldn’t be taking if smoothies did not exist. Some of my favorite smoothie flavors are the

banana*milk*honey*peanut butter*chia seeds,



frozen banana*almond milk*spinach 

banana*blueberries*chia seeds

4. Oatmeal : Again, something i didnt’ like until I found the perfect recipe that I read somewhere on the internet . You’ll need coconut milk in a pan, 1 tablespoons honey, 1 cup of oats and for seasoning you’ll need 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and cinammon. Cook them in the pan until they’re smooth and the oats absorb the coconut milk, season with brown sugar and cinammon and blend together. When serving, u can add chia seeds and any fruit you like. I prefer to add banana or blueberries because they are my two favorites.

I will soon post pictures of them, now that I have time because my exams are over.

Remember a healthy lifestyle is not for summer, is for learning to love and treat yourself as it deserves to be treated !!!

Lots of love,



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