Florence & the machine? (Nah)

Hello guys.

Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of nostalgic about my latest trip in Rome so I’m starting a #tb post.

Like most of you, I love travelling!

Who doesn’t? – this is definately not a question- NOBODY.

First things first. This is not an “all roads lead to Rome” post. This is an “all roads lead to Florence” post because if the first happens then the second is a standar.

Florence is a city located in Tuscany, Italy and is definately one of the “must haves” in your travel goals. A trip to Florence is not a trip to Florence, it is a time travel because the city where Rennaisance was born is a living monument of the Middle-Ages.

My trip to Florence

So, last christmas – nope i didn’t give you my heart- i went on a trip to Rome for 9 days. Due to the fact that I booked my stay through Airbnb, the price was pejoratively low. Okay. I said this is not an “All roads lead to Rome post”. One day before Christmas eve, i was feeling kind of unhappy with the district where we were staying so i took my phone and started looking for a way to get out of there in order to change environment. Lucky me, I found a great offering online so that was it. In 24 hours i was leaving for Florence.

In 1:30 hour I was living one of my dreams. I was in Florence. Fortunately, the hotel was perfect and located near Ponte Vecchio and next to Arno – Palazzo alfieri residenza d’epoca  (  I highly suggest it, it’s a 10/10 ) 

I have a habit of googling places and finding guides on what to visit so I’ve read somewhere that you have to visit Bardini and Boboli gardens when in Florence. Some say that Bardini are not so famous as Boboli gardens and that they are better…The truth is that Boboli gardens are equally magical as Bardini gardens and what I didn’t know? They are located next to each other – with the Boboli Garden ticket you can go to Bardini gardens too-.

Now I am at the city center enjoying every second every step and what a cliche – the pink sunset, and I CAN’T TAKE A PICTURE OF THE SUNSET AT ARNO BECAUSE I M DRINKING COFFEE. I started crying – no I didn’t.

Back at the hotel room and its Christmas eve. Started googling again to find some place to eat something and I found like 5? 10? 15? Ok, I’m using hyperbole atm. Information of the day: I ate the best pumpkin soup I’ve ever eaten – I VE NEVER EATEN PUMPKIN SOUP IN MY WHOLE LIFE AGAIN AND WHEN I GOT BACK HOME IT WAS THE FIRST THING TO COOK-

Second day in Florence and we have 5 hours til the train leaves this means… BIKE RIDE  from central train station til Piazzale Michelangelo( a square located at the other side of Arno River with Panoramic views of the city) and take away espresso shots. Sounds romantic i know but my legs hurt so so much from cycling – i wasn’t in my best physical condition, gym season starts after march- .

The train leaves and I don’t want to leave no i refuse to i liked it so much there but that’s life. A cold hearted bitch. No that’s not life. That’s time -tick tock tick tock-.






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