Can it last 365 days a year?

The other day a classmate of mine was talking about how much she hates Christmas & I was like… “how can there be someone that doesn’t like Christmas?”

I respect every opinion about likes, dislikes and beliefs it just made me wonder since…

I’m not here to talk about what this celebration is or whether it is a fake happiness making factory, I’m here to talk about how much I love the feelings of being with my family and doing things that have a little stardust sparkle in them. It’s the “spirit” ; it’s the lights – you have probably seen the room decor where you add lights on the mirror or the wall? I’ve done that in my room and admit it or not, it gives a sense of unlimited coziness and calmness- it’s the cold breeze, it’s the songs, it’s the responsibilities that just for a day or two, fade away, it’s the combination of red and green, it’s the feelings and the fact that everything becomes a little brighter.

This year’s Christmas Eve was one of my favorites since I got to do things that make me happy; 1.Cooking I got the chance to cook dinner to my beloved friends; since I was home alone – YAYYY-. Let’s define cooking now, I’m addicted to pasta, so I made an arrabiata sauce with brown pasta, a simple green salad with vinegar and oil. Okay I thought it is wayyyyy too simple so I made burritos (el sabor tortillas) with cheese & ground meat (at the sandwich toaster) – yes I’m a smart cook-. 2.Coffee “Let them drink wine! We’re the coffee addicts” 3.Good Friends I believe that good friends can be counted in one hand’s fingers or half of that hand’s fingers so… I never had many friends, just good good friends  4.Late Night Drinks  The one guy has just finished his military obligations and since we got the chance to gather all together we went out to celebrate on this  5. Family time   6. Pancakes made by the chef-me  My grandma is really old and when I get the chance to cook with her It’s my favorite activity of all 7.Lush Bath Bomb “Shoot for the Stars” Forgotten somewhere in a box. Best sensation and smell ever and ever.  8.My dog Always by my side

 Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light

 Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

 There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it






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