Monday: A short horror story



All you want to do is…..


But all you get to do is…


How to survive Monday :

Number 1 : What else? Coffee for sure. 

Grab a cup of coffee – for caffeine addicts – or a cup of tea -for tea addicts- from your nearest cafeteria. There’s only time for take away remember that. Time on Mondays run differently we all know that. When you run out of coffee or tea just repeat the step number 1.

Number 2: Get enough sleep 

All you need on Mondays is enough energy to survive the day. Remember to get at least 8 hours of sleep the previous night or else you going to feel like a zombie. There are 5 more days. 5 more? Well, Number 3: Don’t overthink about Monday!

Number 4: Motivation 

What’s a monday without motivation? A short horror story! Try to find out motivation in the morning or even from the last day. A movie you wanna watch at night? A restaurant you want to eat after work? Coffee with a friend? If there is no time available think of a food you want to eat at night. This might help. A lot. -not if you’re on a diet 😛 – Finally think. It’s a new week, a new day a new opportunity to make things differently . To be better. What’s better motivation than that?

Number 5: Music

Listen to One Direction or even Justin Bieber. I know it sounds funny but what’s better than -teen music?-. Obviously nothing. It will cheer you up in a matter of seconds.

Number 6: It’s not the end of the world !  

And even if it is …. there’s still COFFEE to save us … or tea … or whatever